Performance N’ Tha is an artist led DIY initiative that was founded in Liverpool in 2019 by Pierce Starre. The organisation has since developed national and international recognition as a vital platform supporting radical performance. 

The vision of Performance N’ Tha is to cultivate a thriving community of national and international performance artists in the northwest of England, and to foster and nurture a sense of exploration, support and growth. Our organisation positions accessibility & inclusivity at the forefront of its work and is committed to presenting a fusion of genres where exciting and dynamic intersections within performance art can be activated. 

We have developed a number of close national and international links with organisations including Venice International Performance Art Week, PerformIstanbul, Disability Arts Online and METAL Culture UK.

To date Performance N’ Tha has supported an array of National and International Live Performance Artists. Here is what some of them have had to say about our events.


“All the people I met including the performers, the team and the audience were caring and helpful.”  (Bryony Harris, SPILL YER TEA #4)


“My experience at SPILL YER TEA was of great value to the continuation of my practice.”  (Nina Claire, SPILL YER TEA #4)


“This is one of the best platforms in the UK”  (Matt Allen, SPILL YER TEA #2)


“We stand with respect to Performance N’ Tha for pulling this event off in the current condition. It is crucial to keep developing, envisioning, providing platforms of presentation and exchange.”  (VestAndPage, SPILL YER TEA #4)