Performance N’ Tha is seeking proposals from four D/deaf, disabled or neurodivergent artists for Reet Good.  A new Live Performance Art initiative, which will take place over 4 days in Derby City Centre.

Reet Good will begin at the studio spaces at Derby Theatre over three days, The gathering will empower, break down barriers and provide artists with the much needed space to share, create and re-imagine work within the context of the Derby City Landscape. The gathering will culminate in an accessible public sharing of Live Performance Art at QUAD Derby.

The Reet Good project will be made into a short film. The short film will be shared as an online premiere through the Performance N’ Tha website and at QUAD Derby in their cinema.

Reet Good will be accessible to all participants, Performance N Tha will provide 2 x British Sign Language Interpreters for the duration of the project, ensure all venues are disability friendly and accessible and that there is a designated quiet space for neurodivergent individuals.

Reet Good aims to provide opportunities for sharing, learning and thinking around Live Performance Art practice from the perspectives of Deaf, Nuerodivergent and Disabled artists and as such, artist’s are invited to propose ideas for an immersive workshop centring around their practice, which can be shared with the other participating artists in the project. Each artist will be provided 3 hours in which to share their idea.  We are interested in Time Based Performance Art, Live Art, Visual Vernacular, Drag, Sign Song, Spoken Word and Deaf poetry. Following the sharing of ideas, artists will be invited to present a live performance work and co-present a live collaborative performative piece to a live audience.


Selected artists for the Reet Good project are required to be available for all outlined dates:

15 – 18 February 2022 – Reet Good Gathering, Live Sharing and Evaluation

24th March 2022 – Reet Good Screening at QUAD Cinema


Performance N Tha will offer a bursary to each participating artist of £1000.00. Travel, Accommodation and a Stipend will be provided by Performance N Tha.

This bursary will cover 4 x days as part of the Reet Good Live Sharing, 1 x Day for the Reet Good Screening and a session to evaluate the project. Each Artist will be required to be available for all of the key dates outlined.

Reet Good is supported by Performance N Tha, UK New Artists, Derby Theatre, Derby QUAD and Heart of Glass and is funded by Arts Council England.


Performance N’ Tha is committed to making all of its opportunities accessible to artists. We are accepting proposals in a number of formats these include:

Video (No time limit) in either BSL or English – (Click Here)

Written Proposal (No word limit) through Google Forms – (Click Here)

• Telephone Call (Recorded) – email to make suitable arrangements.

• Video Chat (Recorded) – email to make suitable arrangements.

We are also open to other formats, if you have another preferred method of sharing a proposal please email us at to discuss how we can make our application process accessible to you. 


The deadline for sharing your proposal for the Reet Good project is:

Friday 14th January 2022 at 11.59pm

Reet Good is funded & supported by: